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I've done it, and i'm
in a wheelchair


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"I'm meeting up with a girl whom I deeply care about and spending the day with her in NYC next weekend. A few months ago when I emailed you, I never thought this was possible for me. Thank you so much for your motivation and practical advice."
Scott, Boston

"I started reading your blog about 6 months ago as a 21 year old virgin who never even kissed a girl...since then I've lost my virginity, been on dates with 3 girls, and just the other day I got into a relationship with one of them! Not sure I could have done this without the tips I've learned from your blog."
Kevin, Seattle




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Me, before

Me before

I used to be the shy kid in a wheelchair that everyone felt bad for. At 22, I had no friends, I had ZERO confidence when talking to women, and forget being a virgin, I had never even kissed a girl. I thought I was incredibly unattractive, and that girls would NEVER be interested in me.

Me, after

Me after

Now, people describe me as charismatic, confident, and unforgettable. I make friends everywhere I go, and I've dated over 40 women, from all different backgrounds and even ages. I'm no longer a virgin, I've had wonderful girlfriends, and I've even fallen in love.

If I can do it, you can too.

Once you understand The 5 Elements of Being An Attractive Man, it becomes easy.