Why You Should Look Sexy Online

Attractive retro styled woman using an antique video camera

I used to HATE taking pictures. It just felt so forced. So artificial

And I would totally scorn people as they took pictures.

  • Did you even appreciate that work of art before taking a picture with it?

  • Are you experiencing the concert or just trying to get the perfect shot for your Instagram?

  • Can you just be present instead of trying to capture every little moment?

And I used to flat out refuse to be photographed. And that would be fine, if we still lived in a world where your work colleagues, your best friend, and your wife grew up a block away from you. But that’s no longer the case. The Internet allows us to do business, make friends, and even find love outside of our neighborhoods.

These connections sometimes start entirely online (with the rise of online dating) or start in person, and extend online shortly afterwards. For example, think back to the last time you met a pretty girl that caught your eye. What did you do when you got home? Stalked her on Facebook, of course.

Every article on making a good online dating profile stresses the importance of high quality pictures. OkCupid even says pictures account for 90%+ of your profile's attractiveness. It’s not that we’re all shallow, it’s just that in the absence of complete information, we are wired to fill in the gaps and make snap judgments.

This comes from our evolution – when your ancestors saw a guy approaching with a bloody spear, they didn’t wait for him get closer so they could “fully” assess his intentions. No, your ancestors had the instinct to make a snap judgment, and either flee or prepare to fight. Which is why today you so easily judge people on their appearance (and I do too).

Looking good in-person is a great start. But, because so much of our lives are lived online today, your in-person appearance and your online appearance affect your work life, your social life, and your dating life. I now see value in (selectively) capturing your life, even though I avoided it for several years. If you regularly take pictures, you will get better at taking pictures to showcase yourself. The better you showcase yourself, the more likely you are to attract the people you want to work with, be friends with, and be intimate with.

As with all things, balance is essential. I never want to be so focused on getting a perfect picture that I forget to experience what I'm actually doing. There is also a risk of being inauthentic, by projecting an image of yourself that isn't true. But that won't get you very far. Your online presence just gets your foot in the door. If you can’t back up the impression you give off, people will realize it quickly.

So go ahead, take pictures of what you’re doing. Try different poses and smiles to see what makes you look your best. Learn a few simple photo editing tricks (they work wonders). Better yet, hire a fashion/image consultant to make you look great in-person and online. It's the fastest way to change your life.

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