The Only Candy This Dentist Recommends Is Himself [Karim Style Consult]

I love making people look and feel their best, and I’ve had the pleasure of doing that for a client recently. Here are the highlights of what we accomplished, and some tips and tricks that you can apply to quickly improve your appearance, confidence, and results in life.

The Client

Karim is a most eligible bachelor. He is 29 years old, a dentist who graduated at the top of his class, dedicated to working out and staying in great shape, a volunteer 6th grade teacher, and one of the kindest souls I know. Unfortunately, this is how he used to present himself.


So we definitely had some work to do. But Karim was a bit nervous when we started, saying “I don’t want to do anything crazy, like color my hair, or get a tattoo, or piercings.” Considering my style, I understand where this comes from. For my personal wardrobe, I choose styles that are “crazy”, because that suits my profession and my personality. But for clients, I take a ton of information into consideration before making recommendations, including their lifestyle, body type, goals, budget, etc.

Karim is a medical professional, so we went for a clean, refined, and trustworthy appearance. He’s fit, so we accentuated that. And he devotes a lot of time to his parents and siblings, so in the limited time we had, we shopped at a few stores that I knew would have quality items, instead of hunting for the absolute best deals.

The Grooming

The first step was a grooming upgrade. My general recommendation is neat and intentional. Here's what we did.

The heavy beard was hiding his face and adding weight, so we went with the 5 o’clock shadow look. It’s sleek, easy to maintain, and doesn’t make him look like a kid out of college to his patients (his words on what he wants to avoid). For hair, we saw the beautiful and talented Erin at Joe Bae Salon. You can see how Karim’s features are more pronounced with a fade and a (beginning) pompadour haircut. 

Style Consult Goals & Guidelines

A style consult is much more than choosing some outfits, taking some pictures, and calling it done. When you hire me for a style consult, I empower you to easily shop for yourself, so you can dress to look and feel your best.

I know that shopping for yourself may sound daunting and time-consuming, and it is, unless you have a strategy to follow. Here’s the general strategy I use for myself and for my clients, with adjustments as needed for each particular client.

  1. Skinnier is sexier. Your clothing should fit you like a glove.

  2. Go versatile before you go wild. Get dark blue jeans and some solid tees before the pink chinos.

  3. Have fun with accessories. Go crazy with socks, belts, rings, bracelets, necklaces, glasses, etc. Body art and piercings, if you feel so inclined.

  4. Don’t buy it unless you love it. If you only “kind of” like something, you’ll probably never wear it.

To help clients understand this approach, I start by working with them to put together 3 outfits that apply broadly in their lives. For Karim, this boiled down to a casual outfit, a meeting outfit, and a date night outfit. I asked him to show me what he typically wears in these situations, and we took some “before” pictures. Read on to find out what we changed, and see the results.

The Casual Outfit

To ease him in, we started with a casual outfit. Here’s the before and after.

The big change here was getting some more versatile shoes (guideline #2) and slimmer fitting jeans (guideline #1). When he first put these jeans on (super skinny from Abercrombie & Fitch), Karim started laughing at how tight they were. Now, he loves the skinny fit and is looking for jeans that fit even more snug, because they just feel so damn good. Any notion that skinny jeans are not "manly" is nonsense.

The Meeting Outfit

Being a dentist, Karim attends many meetings with colleagues, such as continuing education courses or networking events with dental specialists. Having a solid appearance and giving off a positive impression is important in these situations, as it leads to more business, so we worked on this outfit next. Here’s the before and after.

We slimmed up the entire outfit (guideline #1) and selected neutral colors/styles to build the foundation of a versatile wardrobe (guideline #2). And if you look closely, you'll see a pop of color in his socks (guideline #3). Karim automatically started to carry himself more confidently in this outfit, and rightfully so. He looks like a boss.

The Date Night Outfit

And then it was time for the main event. My favorite part. Getting him ready for date night. Here’s the before and after.

The changes here are similar to the ones above, only now we are expanding the wardrobe beyond the basics, with a paisley shirt that Karim loved the instant he put it on (guideline #4). 

As you can tell, this outfit is only subtly different from the previous one. And this is the great advantage of investing in a few quality items that fit you fantastically (guideline #1 and #2). With those versatile items, you can make simple tweaks to get an entirely new outfit. Here, Karim just changed his shirt, shoes, and socks. He looks totally ready to show a beautiful girl a great time. Ladies, get in line.

The Results

So after all these changes, does Karim just look a little more fashionable? Is he just the same person with a more shiny exterior? Here's what he had to say:

"I was skeptical at first, but honestly, I feel more attractive. And I feel more confident. Which means two things. First, I'm in a better mood around my patients – so I've noticed that they respond better, want to see me again, and refer more of their friends and family to me. And second, I'm more comfortable speaking with women I find attractive. I see them looking my way more often, and I overhear them whispering about my playful socks, which feels great."

Not only does Karim look great, but he finally likes the way he looks. He finally has permission to express himself through his appearance, and tell the world who he wants to be. And the world will bend to his will, because we are wired to judge people on their appearance.

I now see Karim trying new outfits, adding his own flair, and taking an active interest in making himself look (and therefore feel) good. Karim also looks fantastic online (thanks to the great pictures taken by Silas Chu) so people are reaching out to him, and beautiful women are flirting with him, which makes sense, given that it's important to look sexy online.

I feel a bit underdressed!

It's been an absolute pleasure to witness this transformation, and I look forward to seeing Karim boldly take on the world. If you want to feel more attractive and more confident, so you can have more success in business, more friends, and more dates, drop me a note on my contact page. You can also see more of my style consulting work here.

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