How to destroy approach anxiety in 7 days

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Do you wish you had the balls to go up to any girl in any situation and start chatting her up?

That nerdy girl in the library? Check.
That hottie at the grocery store? Check.
That cougar twice your ageOk...maybe that's just me :)

The point is, WHATEVER type of girl strikes your fancy – confidence is the fundamental skill that you need to seduce her. Even if you meet her online, because women can sniff out lack of confidence a mile away. You might get a date with some crafty messages, but it's not going to go very far if you lack confidence.

So what's the best way to build confidence? Do the ONE thing that 99.9% of men are afraid to do. Approach women – and do it again and again even if it doesn't go well.

Why else would *I* get dates? I certainly don't have the body type that women are looking for – I'm 5'2" (when standing, even less in my wheelchair) and not even 95 pounds. But I have balls of fucking steel (yeah, that's an actual material, okay?). I don't care that I have failed THOUSANDS of times when approaching women, I do it anyway.

Because approaching women is THE most effective way to build confidence with women. Reading blogs, watching videos, or "practicing" at home isn't going to do shit for you [sidenote: please keep reading my blog ;)] unless you go approach, screw up terribly, and keep trying to get better.

I *still* do this. Just because I've practiced a ton, doesn't mean I execute flawlessly. For example, I did some approaching the other day (on video! stay tuned…) and I was AWKWARD AF. I hadn't approached in a while, so I was rusty. But I stuck with it and kept approaching. None of the girls were interested, but they all appreciated the greatest compliment you can give a woman – interest from a confident man.

It will not lead to massive results immediately. But the more you or I do it, the more confident we become. And I know it will lead to getting a girls number, going on a date, having sex, having a girlfriend, etc. If not today, then soon enough. I know because it's happened to me time and time again.

You might understand this and think "that all sounds nice, but I don't know what to say!" Most dating advice says it doesn't matter, and I agree, but I hate that answer. Because the engineer inside me says "there must be a path!"

So fine, I'll give you the words. The words I still use to this day. Will you do it then?

In fact, I'll do you one better. Because I get it – approaching women can feel like lifting heavy weights. If you haven't done much approaching, going up to a girl and saying "hey, I think you're cute, and I'd like to meet you" is like trying to bench-press 500 lbs on your first day at the gym. Yikes.

So I'm breaking it down for you step by step, to help you gradually become more comfortable approaching – and I present to you the 7 Day Destroy Approach Anxiety Challenge (patent pending! – but not really though).

When you sign up (it's free, BTW), I will send you 1 email every morning for the next 7 days (unsubscribe at any time) with your challenge for the day. The first day will be SUPER simple, and each day will build upon the last, so instead of your brain going into a panic when you step out of your comfort zone, it will think "okay, this is not so different from what I'm used to" and you will keep going.

So what do you say? Are you ready to grab your balls (figuratively man, put those away!) and finally have the confidence to approach women you find attractive? Sign up below and let's get to work, son.

YEAH. UNH. (manly grunts)

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