What to do BEFORE approaching women

So you want to approach and charm women. Okay. That’s a good and noble goal. It’s definitely the best way to build your confidence as a man.

But I have a question for you: what do you do right BEFORE you go approach women?

I get it. I used to do all those things, too. And I usually struggled to connect with women.

But every once in a while, something would be different. I would just be IN THE ZONE – I was charming, witty, and the right words just seemed to flow out of me – like MAGIC.

And I wondered: how the hell did I do that? I didn’t have any new lines, I didn’t suddenly not have a wheelchair, and I wasn’t drinking, so that couldn’t be it.

And then I FINALLY figured it out. My approaches went well, when I was warmed up.

Warmed up? Yes. Warmed up.

Have you ever watched a basketball team before a game? What do they do? They dribble the ball around, they take some easy shots, and they get warmed up.

In the same way, YOU need to get warmed up before you take on the challenge of approaching and charming women. You need to get into a talkative and friendly mood.

So how do you do that? Well, would you feel talkative and friendly if a lot of people were friendly towards you? I’m sure you would, and as the saying goes, you need to give before you get.

So the best way to do this is to smile, wave, and say “hey, have a great rest of your day” to everyone who crosses your path. Yes, I mean EVERYONE.

And I know, you’re probably thinking that is SUPER weird, because who the hell does that?

But I dare you to try it. You’ll see that people are surprised, yes, but they will smile back at you and say thank you. You’ll make their day a little brighter – and even if you don’t get anything back from it, that is a very meaningful gift to give to another person.

But you will find that you will get a lot back from it, because you’ll start to feel happier, you’ll start to feel like people want to talk to you, and you’ll be just a little more confident when you see that cutie at the coffee shop. And that’s worth it, right?

Now sure, some people will totally ignore you. But just keep doing it, because most people will give you some love back. I know because I’ve done it myself, and I’ve seen it with my clients.

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