Bellevue Towers – North Tower
500 106th Ave. NE
Bellevue, WA 98004

My unit number is 3203, and you can call or text me at 847-770-3331.


My building is harder to get into than the White House, so here are step by step instructions. 

1. When you arrive, go into the alley between Bellevue Towers and Men's Warehouse

2. Look for the "Retail Parking" lot

3. Grab a parking slip (ignore the posted rates, I know a shady guy who sells validated parking slips on the cheap)

4. Park and go through the doors that lead to Purple/Lot No. 3 Restaurants

5. Take the elevator down

6. Exit the doors and turn right 

7. Go into the atrium 

8. Dial 776 and let the concierge know if you are visiting me or robbing me

9. The concierge will buzz you up to my unit (3203)